Who We Are?

“To provide real estate properties and advisory for Philippine investment, vis a vis commercial real estate and quality residential real estateservices to clients in all price ranges”.

This is Land Asia’s ultimate mission which is set to ignite a blazing fire towards quality and excellence.

Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. was founded in 1992 with a determined vision conquering exceptional victory up until now. The progressing ladder of development of the company immensely surpassing hurdles and adversities and yet it emerged to be one of the country’s finest in the real estate industry. The company set out to fulfill a vital niche that seemed lacking in the industry – to hoist the concept of real estate service to another level. By retaining talented staff and driven brokers, building relationships with developers, landlords and land owners in the Philippines, and incorporating state-of-the-art technology, Land Asia has grown from one real estate agent to more than 500 licensed professionals and staff expanding its undeniable leadership in the key areas in the country and to the world.

Realtor Ricardo ‘Ric’ N. Inting

Realtor Ricardo ‘Ric’ N. Inting

Realtor Ricardo ‘Ric’ N. Inting, CIPS Designee is Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. Chief Executive Officer since 1992,and is the principal figure in the day-to-day operations, strategic planning and overall vision for Land Asia. Under Inting’s direction, Land Asia continues to expand its services as it sets the standard for commercial residential real estate companies in Philippines. A licensed broker, Inting is a member of the Philippines Association of Realtors Board – Cebu Realtors Board.

Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. maintains satellite sales and information offices in every project neighborhood in the Philippines. A diverse on-site leasing and sales offices in major cities in the Philippines.

Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. maintains an in-house marketing and public relations team, listings department, Training, Architects and graphics designers and webmasters, and market research experts. Our Corporate Relocation affiliate serves international and domestic corporations – from holding companies to locator firms and major financial firms to the top relocation agencies.

We are bound to a more and better innovation leading the mordern edge of outstanding indulgence serving the country and the whole.


Like any other realty company, Land Asia carrying a significant emblem, a strong mantra and a committed guiding philosophy which makes it genuine and sincere to its services. We transcends a sustainable idealism of excellence and ingenuity.


To provide the finest professional services to our clients including the acquisition, sale, leasing and management of commercial, investment and corporate real estate.

Property Owners

To maximize net operating income and enhance overall property value through profitable leasing and cost-effective management services.

To meet and exceed sales and leasing objectives through innovative and effective marketing programs.

To increase the long-term value of property through life-cycle decision making, effective monitoring and responsive reporting.

Tenants and Residents

To provide clean, safe, pleasant and trouble-free environments in which to trade, work or live.

To provide the optimum property to meet occupancy requirements through effective needs assessment and complete market knowledge.

Team Members

To provide a professional, secure, supportive and pleasant working environment that reinforces teamwork, productivity and personal growth.


Land Asia’s forbearance and resiliency govern an undisputed vision to success not only to its partners and stakeholders but to its incredible manpower and human resource. Its brilliancy has been noted to be ingenious and originative.

The Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation will continue to be a vibrant, viable, satisfying workplace, an organization truly committed to delivering the highest quality professional services to its clients and customers, a business respected within the community for its productivity, performance and innovation. A business driven by results, whose standards of practice are ethically and morally rooted.

Today and in the future we will meet our established Corporate Goals of remaining a dominant force in our industry, of continually reforming The Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation into one of the region’s dominant, full-service Commercial, Industrial and Residential Real Estate firms, consistently expanding our market share; our market breadth and depth; increasing diversity in our client base; increasing our revenues; re-investing in the personal growth of our personnel, Property Consultants, Regional Realty Managers and maintaining the necessary profitability to support these efforts.The Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation is and will be an organization of dedicated professionals and support staff, offering a complete set of commercial, investment and corporate real estate services.

  • It is our intent and commitment to assemble the finest team of professional personnel, accounting, marketing, support and field staff, Independent Property Consultants and Regional Realty Managers and to continually support and re-invest in that staff.
  • It is our intent and commitment to know and understand the client’s objectives, issues and concerns and to offer integrated, turn-key, strategic opportunities and solutions.
  • It is our intent and commitment to be proactive, innovative, and entrepreneurial, to be well-trained, and to insightfully know our markets – the client’s markets.
  • It is our intent and commitment to develop a project, investment, asset-specific or portfolio responsive, performance-oriented plan; to execute that plan in a timely and effective manner and to be accountable for results.

People Makes a DIFFERENCE

We believe that what The Land Asia has been, is today and will become is largely the result of the efforts of each and every staff member – those who preceded us, especially those who are currently with the firm, and those who will succeed us. What we have been, are today, and will be in the future are not the results of any singular effort, of any specific individual, but rather the results of our collective efforts – the efforts of everyone, through team work, who has or will be associated with our firm. It will always be the people who make the difference.

We believe this collaborative effort, this teamwork, is only real, effective and fulfilling when found in a nurturing, supportive environment that encourages a drive to perfection and personal growth that is characterized by mutual respect – captured in a phrase from long ago, “one for all and all for one.”

Clients Makes it POSSIBLE

We believe that the real goals and aspirations of our clients, regardless of size, complexity or compensation, are purely and simply our sole responsibility. In every decision and recommendation we make, and in every action we take, the best interests of the client must be paramount. It is on behalf of the clients and the real property challenges and the assets that the clients have entrusted to us that we focus our every effort, our professional energy. We will practice our profession and carry out our duties in a manner to meet or exceed every professional standard of practice.


We believe that our values are meaningless unless our behavior reflects a true integration of those beliefs into our every action. Our behavior, when interacting with fellow employees, managers, clients, vendors, tenants, residents, industry colleagues and the community, must be characterized by mutual respect; the preservation of personal and corporate dignity; honesty; integrity; creditability; ethics; a demand for excellence; open communications; good listening skills; respect for new ideas and innovation; performance, dependability; accountability; passion, enthusiasm, fun and balance.

Corporate Goals

Heading towards its committment and strength, Land Asia exceptional leadership manifested with its strong foundation of objectives and strengthened targets and ambitions. The will power has been striving to be true and determined grasping the overwhelming spirit and indivisibility.

To remain a dominant force in our industry, to continually reform Land Asia into one of the region’s top full-service commercial real estate firms, to consistently expand our market share, our market breadth and depth, to increase diversity in our client base, to increase our revenues, re-invest in the personal growth of our personnel and to maintain the profitability required to support these Goals.


To achieve our Corporate Goals by continuing to provide those services we have traditionally offered and to organize and offer additional professional service sets: i.e. multi-property acquisition/disposition services; facilities management, administration and consulting services; development or project management; and comprehensive corporate real estate services, among others.

To achieve our Corporate Goals by offering professional expertise not only for the property types we have so well represented, but also by gaining and offering solid professional expertise in geographic areas, property types and the related client base currently not a focus of The Land Asia Realty and Development Corp..

To achieve our Corporate Goals by developing and executing a specific business plan to offer and provide our services to non-traditional clients. These services would include facilities management; property management; investment accounting services; partnership management; facilities, building and repair services; and landscape maintenance services, among others.

To achieve our Corporate Goals by further branding the company and creating awareness of the consuming public and our peers in the industry, our reputation of credibility, excellence, success, service and loyalty; additionally, to further develop an image of delivering sophisticated, professional services.

To achieve our Corporate Goals by expanding and diversifying our professional staff through select sponsoring of seasoned Regional Realty Managers and leaders, Property Consultants and professionals Advisors from diverse industries and through mergers with other successful firms.

To achieve our Corporate Goals by compensating the professional and support staff at the highest, equitable level possible within the competitive marketplace while achieving corporate financial goals.

To achieve our Corporate Goals by offering a nurturing and supportive work environment and seeking, employing and developing a superior administrative support staff; communicating each staff person’s mission in the context of the corporate goals and objectives; offering training and guidance; delegating responsibility, authority and accountability to enhance self-sufficiency; compensating that staff for achieving success, and lastly, rewarding excellence.

To achieve our Corporate Goals by developing a branded national/international partnership or network, i.e. Vision One in Las Vegas Nevada that provides an enhanced business model and a culture of success; access to all U.S. and global markets, creating a source for referrals; and, providing a resource for technical assistance and cooperative undertakings or assignments.

To achieve our Corporate Goals through internally-generated capital while remaining profitable; containing overhead; staying debt free; and, organizing our business affairs in a cost effective, efficient manner while maintaining a standard of excellence.
In doing so, to perform in an effective, professional manner, maintaining and further developing a perception of credibility and a tradition of excellence, success, integrity, competence, experience, service, loyalty and performance to the client and our entire staff.

Management Team

Realtor Ric Navarro Inting, CIPS, GRI, REC


Standing with steadfast and immovable metaphysical pledge, he is the founder and the father of the company determined to radiate the spectrum of success and victory. His immeasurable viewpoint and undeniable charisma lifted the company’s soaring advantage among others. His metacognitive quality yet humanitarian endeavors capture an excellent development for the entire company.

Professional Real Estate Broker, PRC#00001759 Philippines
Professional Real Estate Broker License, DRE# 55622 USA
Licensed Financial Planner, No. 820095 – U.S.A.

6332-254-6073 / 254-4049 /253-8739


CEO & President

Carrying an affectionate and devoted quality, she is the light burning the glow and passion to make the company flickers its excellence to the fullest. Her enthusiasm and exceptional dedication to the company is exemplary that is inspirational and motivational.

+63 917 626 3205 / +63 922 880 4880 / +63 928 555 5428

ceolandasia@gmail.com / ceo@landasia.ph


Executive Administrator – HR and Administration

Glowing with her optimistic brilliance and credible sense of dexterity, she is the executive administrator abiding to the ideals of the company, the source of wit and creativity and the people-oriented head which undoubtedly exudes amazing passion and determination.


Chief – Land Asia Institute

Driven with the passion to embark an innovative spectrum, his leading determination conquers an exquisite dexterity in the area of brokerage. His zeal and outstanding contribution to the company greatly invested with genuine back breaking work. He will continue to ignite the strong energy, to govern a developmental leadership, to inspire a substantial sustainability and to revitalize a comprehensive act of creativity.


Chief – Brokerage and VP of Operations

Elevating towards an ethereal range of exceptional operational ability, he is vested with the core principle of credibility and exquisiteness. His exemplary hegemony towards work has been drawn from his capability to continue exhibit his ingenuity. As the son of the founder, he is determined to maintain the legacy and persevere to enhance quality services in the real estate industry. He will predominantly quell the strength, exemplify modern innovation and intensify genuine dedication in expanding horizons.


Vice President – Finance

Empowering the vitality of leading-edge persistence, his preposterous allegiance for the company optimistically escalate into a progressive flair. His notable leadership in the finance department creates a ripple effect of feasible and viable expansion leading to a better sustainable company. The fluency of his drive is a manisfestation of steadfast hardwork and credible sense of influence.