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For the rest of the world, the Philippines is fast developing into a choice retirement destination. For retirees who are still active, the appeal lies in the fact that they can look forward to continuing, and even improving their lifestyle, at the fraction of the cost it will take in their home country.

For these retirees, the Philippines offers a comprehensive and integrated range of services covering housing, lifestyle services, and healthcare. These services are delivered at a much lower cost when compared to similar services in North America or Europe. These savings free up much of the retiree’s financial resources for more of life’s pleasures (click here). Quality of life improves and embarking on “new adventures” suddenly becomes a viable option.

Developers have stocks of excellent houses, condominiums and resort accommodations well suited to foreign retirees

World-class hospitals are already well established, and medical tourism is expanding rapidly. Filipino doctors, nurses and
caregivers are sought the world over, having established their reputation in the world’s great medical institutions.

The wellness industry, typified by world-class spas and wellness centers, is flourishing around the country. Its success is founded on that same natural sense of caring that sets Filipinos apart. The facilities that make for a modern, global, cosmopolitan,
lifestyle are plentiful, whether they be restaurants and clubs or internet broadband and state-of-the-art communications services.

There is a general misperception that the Philippines has a peace and order issue. That’s simply not the case for all but the southernmost part of Mindanao. The areas where developers have built communities in and those areas they favor for future projects are not just peaceful gated communities, but they sit in idyllic surroundings where the community has easy and safe access to varied pleasures. The country is blessed with a good warm climate and natural beauty.

Property Consultants

At Land Asia, we know that our clients and customers are as unique as the property they want to develop or call home. That’s why we are committed to matching your real estate needs with a Property Consultant who has the expertise and know-how to serve you best. With over a thousand Land Asia Property Consultants and staff, Land Asia has your match.

We help you every step of the way

Our Land Asia Property Consultants will help you locate a house and lot for sale, lot only for sale, commercial properties for sale or lease in the Philippines. Finance it, lease it, and manage it. Our network of well trained and experienced Property Consultants consists of trusted real estate agents, Brokers, Appraisers, and property managers. As your real estate investment network in the Philippines, we at LAND ASIA have leveraged our brokerage experience and buying power to negotiate below market rates and fine choice cuts on developed projects such as residential subdivisions and condos, commercial and industrial properties for our clients worldwide.

OUR GOAL is 100% client satisfaction. We want to open doors and unlock your financial potential through real estate.

Join the Team of Our Property Consultants

Land Asia offers our Property Consultants a competitive, fast-paced, professional environment in which to develop their real estate careers. A career on real estate at Land Asia can be a rewarding and profitable experience for any license real estate sales agent that wishes to become associated with us.

At Land Asia we are committed to your success, whether you are an experienced or new, we ensure that you will have every tool needed to foster your continued growth. Our training is done in our state-of-the-art training facilities in our headquarter, and at our affiliated offices nationwide operated by our Regional Property Managers and thru ONLINE. In addition, we also offer a 45 hour sales training course that is unparalleled in the industry.

Regional Realty Managers (RRM)

Land Asia Regional Realty Managers (RRM) are licensed real estate brokers in the Philippines that saturate and fielded in major strategic territories, cities, metropolitan areas, or municipalities all over the Philippines archipelago, from northern Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao islands.

These Land Asia Regional Realty Managers are confined within territorial boundaries to have a mastery of the real estate properties and real estate development projects with in the area. Houses and Lots and Lots only for sale, Homes for sale, Commercial Real Estate Buying and Selling or Renting, or Shares, and Industrial Properties for Rent and Sale.

These Land Asia Regional Realty Managers nationwide shall manage and supervised the Land Asia Property Consultants in guiding buyers in each respective territory. Provide training to interested individuals who would like to become a Land Asia Property Consultant and make real estate their careers.

Independent Realty Managers (IRM)

An Independent Realty Manager (IRM) is a licensed real estate broker or real estate appraiser in the Philippines who brokers transactions on real estate properties allowable under applicable Philippine laws within the confine of the Philippines territory. There is no boundary restriction in respect of his/her real estate business activities in promoting project properties or brokerage listing properties.