Website Help


To register a website, a property consultant should use his E-mail address.

Website Creation Process:

  1. On the bottom left of, click on Register a Website
  2. Read and Fill-up required information, make sure you remember your username, email, password and the domain/website address you created.
  3. Verify you are the owner of the website by texting the telephone number you see in your screen.
  4. Tech Support will then approved your website.
  5. Your website is now live.

Managing your Website:

Once your website is created and approved, you can now start to build consultant website base on your preference. But first, you have to learn its functionality and how to manage certain items. To do this simply:

  1. Log-in to your website
  2. In your dashboard, click on: Support > Faq
  3. Read the tutorials and follow the instruction.
  4. If further support is needed, send Technical Support an e-mail or text message.
  5. Attend the Website Management Training, if schedule is available.

How to Access your e-Mail:

  1. In the website, go to the left bottom and click on Land Asia Mail
  2. A security filter will be the page you will see, please click on continue. A log in screen will then show.
  3. Type in your e-Mail address and your default password.
  4. Once logged in, click on change password.

Accessing My Land Asia:

  1. In the website, go to the left bottom and click on My Land Asia
  2. Enter your username and password

Note: If you do not have the username and password yet, please contact support by text or e-mail.