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Unleash your potential through the power of advanced knowledge. Whether you’re looking for real estate broker information about commercial properties for sale, industrial properties for sale or rent, and residential properties for sale such as house and lot or lot only for sale in Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines, find the competitive edge you need with Land Asia.

Get a more complete picture of the market place by consulting our professional advisors of varied discipline — not just a listing of the properties for sale or lease. Delve into details like occupancy history, rental rates and key market information that may influence property value. Keep up on the latest trends, and make a lasting impression with finely-polished presentation materials. With this caliber of reliable, accurate and timely information directly at your fingertips, the competitive edge is yours. Our valuable real estate information services empower you to do the following:

  • Quickly match your criteria to find properties for sale or lease in the Philippines
  • Analyze market conditions and set winning property positions in the Philippines
  • Stay on top of the market with late-breaking news
  • Verify sales information on properties sold in major Philippine markets
  • Reduce risk by getting more accurate value on commercial real estate transactions
  • Reach top brokers in the digital market place with property listings
  • Gain high market exposure every month with premium banner ads
  • Produce highly professional sales presentations and customized reports
  • Convince prospects that you know and understand the market
  • Save time and money for yourself and your clients

Discover the wealth of knowledge available through Land Asia, the number one provider of commercial real estate information. Whether you are looking for valuable commercial property sales, for-lease listings or analytic market research to better serve your clients.

Professional, Prompt and Accurate Titling

Our Titling Services strives to give you personalized service by a team of professionals dedicated to meeting your title insurance needs. We cater this service throughout the 14 regions in the Philippines including Metro Manila.

Land Asia’s Titling Services in Cebu and elsewhere in the Philippines is backed by Title Guaranty Company in the Philippines, the leader in technological advances in the title insurance industry in the Philippines and the largest title insurance underwriter in the Philippines. This unique relationship allows  Land Asia to provide you with a host of services unrivaled by most in the field of real estate and titling in the Philippines.

We have assembled a team of searchers, examiners and closing agent’s to provide service throughout the Philippine archipelago. An on staff attorney assures that proper underwriting standards are maintained and is available to assist in solving problems that might otherwise prevent a transaction from closing.

We understand your need and desire to close the transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible and the need for an accurate title insurance product. Whether you are the real estate broker, homeowner, or mortgage bank, Land Asia’s Titling Services will provide you with a quality product delivered in a timely manner.

There is nothing more important in our business than our customer’s satisfaction. When buying a home or house and lot or lands in the Philippines even the most diligent search of public records could fail to disclose potential problems with your land title. Some of the problems that can occur include forgeries, improper transfers of title, fraudulent impersonations, undisclosed heirs, incorrect marital status, clerical errors, and defective deeds.

Our knowledgeable staff has an extensive background in commercial real estate transactions. Our rates are competitive and we can match or perhaps even beat any price that you are currently receiving.

Focus Master Plan on Conservation and Development

Our primary goal of  Master Plan process is to explore ways that your real estate investment vision can meet projected needs for the market to really benefit balancing those needs with the concerns of profitability, economic growth. This cannot take place without careful consideration and thoughtful planning.

We provide advisory services to the commercial real estate industry. In addition to our institutional advisory practice we serve corporate clients and owners/users that require the best in commercial real estate expertise to maximize their return on investment, assets, equity and operations. The process of financing, developing, constructing or managing commercial real estate is a fluid and ever-changing process that is increasing in complexity, requiring specialized knowledge and skills not generally found within most organizations.

Factors Impacting Investment Performance

Commercial real estate owners, users, lenders and investors are confronted by such diverse factors as complex agency requirements, environmental regulations, a myriad of compliance related issues, local market considerations, political and geographic risk, portfolio risk, changing capital markets, building design technologies, planning and construction requirements, as well as fluctuating costs and market absorption rates. Any one of these factors can significantly impact overall investment performance.

Customizing Superior Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Land Asia combines solid business logic; leading edge financial engineering and investment modeling; and real estate expertise to find the right solutions for your projects. We have the depth and breadth of skill sets and core competencies that allow us to customize superior commercial real estate solutions based upon the dynamics of the overall market, the micro-economics of specific markets, the commercial real estate capital markets and the unique requirements of our clients. These services include:

Advisory Services
Development Advisory Service
Asset Management Services
Development Services
Research & Analytics
Due Diligence Services
Capital Formation and Acquisition Services
Financial Engineering and Transaction Modeling
Corporate Real Estate
Market Feasibility

Our Research & Analytics group can also create custom reports for market or project level feasibility or due diligence purposes.

Through the collaboration of professionals from each of Land Asia’s partners practice areas and together we help our clients grow.

Study and Analysis across All Asset Classes & Geographic Markets

Our Team are highly regarded for its ability to process and analyze commercial real estate metrics across all asset classes and geographic markets. Our clients, institutional and corporate as well private owners, developers and sponsors, are seeking to understand both current market conditions as well as emerging trends. LARDC Study and Research Team can help to identify new investments, market opportunities or provide third party validation for proof of concept on existing projects.

Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation Study Team produce quarterly reports covering Philippine offices and retail markets. We can also create custom reports for market or project level feasibility or due diligence purposes.

Land Asia provides a full array of Research & Analytics services in the Philippines :

  • Market data tracked on more than 40 metropolitan areas nationwide
  • Global market data sources
  • Analysis, mapping and high-resolution aerial photos
  • Sales & rent market data research
  • Investor survey data
  • Property information databases
  • Development & equity trenching
  • Cash flow modeling and projections
  • Circle-Development Cash Flow Modeling
  • Loan scenario sensitivity analysis
  • Active retailers and expansion plan resources
  • Landlord directories covering the major Metropolitan areas
  • Residential sales databases
  • Directory of world’s top business enterprises
  • Developers and project database
  • Tax, title, zoning information
  • Company and industry research
  • Lease abstracting
  • Benchmark income & expense growth rates
  • General market research
  • Specific sub-market and/or asset class research
  • Investment/acquisition analysis & Due diligence
  • Project feasibility studies
  • BIR & proforma validations
  • Quarterly market reports
  • Demographic analysis
  • Incorporations of multi-national companies

By using cutting-edge services and tool sets, our highly skilled Real Estate Services Team is able to provide the most up-to-date information and analysis in the market.

Special Resident Retirement Visa (SSRV) Assistance

As Land Asia is in the business of serving clients real estate needs, we are incorporating also visa conversion assistance to retiring foreigners that may wish to retire here in the Philippines.

Visa conversion is a privilege granted to foreigners who would like to have a permanent resident status in the Philippines. For investing in the Philippines, foreigners can enter and leave the country as many times and as long as one wish, including family members. With a Special Resident Visa, a holder can live, do business, study in the Philippines indefinitely.

Requirements for Special Resident Retirement Visa

Principal Applicant:
  • Application Form
  • Passport with valid entry to the Philippines
  • NBI Clearance or Police Clearance (to be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy)
  • Medical Clearance (if abroad, must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy)
  • 6 pieces 6″ x 6″ pictures
  • 6 pieces 1″ x 1″ pictures
  • Bank Certification from an accredited bank of the Philippine Retirement Authority of bank deposit (US$ 50,000 for 50 years old & above, $75,000 for 35 to 49 years)
  • Processing fee: US$ 1,500
Spouse / Dependent:
  • Application Form
  • Passport with valid entry to the Philippines
  • NBI Clearance or Police Clearance (to be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy for 18 years old and above)
  • Medical Clearance (if abroad, must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy)
  • 6 pieces 6″ x 6″ pictures
  • 6 pieces 1″ x 1″ pictures
  • Marriage Certificate (authenticated by the Philippine Embassy) for spouse.
  • Birth Certificate (authenticated by the Philippine Embassy) for dependents.


In Lieu of marriage or Birth Certificates:

Family Register (for Koreans)
Household Register (for Taiwanese)
Certificate of Relationship (for P.R.O.C.)


Service fee of $300 each for spouse or dependent (up to 3 dependents)
For families with more than 3 dependents, additional $ 15,000/dependent

Immigration conversion fee:

Php: 7,600 for spouse and children 16 to 20 years old.
Php: 7,350 for children 14 to 15 years old.
Php: 6,850 for children 13 years old and below

PLRA ID card ($10) for spouse and/or dependent

Immigration express fee of Php 500 per person

Note: The required money (US$ 50,000 for 50 years old & above, $75,000 for 35 to 49 years) deposited in the bank can be withdrawn after 6 months but must be invested in the Philippines. It can be used to buy properties (condominiums) stocks, securities, etc.

Helping you Grow in your Commercial Real Estate Success

Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. provides landlord/tenant representation as well as investment sales and has extensive experience in all facets of corporate real estate services from representing tenants with office, retail and industrial leases and lease renewals to the location, design and construction of new facilities or the expansion of existing facilities.

Landlord Representation

Land Asia’s landlord representation team can navigate the leasing process easily and develop a plan to find you the perfect tenant. Our brokers continuously survey the market to find projects that will produce long-standing tenancies. Members of the Land Asia brokerage team also network with other brokers who may know of potential clients to whom your space could be of interest. As soon as your space becomes available, our brokers begin the marketing process ensuring you that your property receives the maximum exposure to the right tenants at the right time.

Tenant Representation

Land Asia tenant representation enables clients to focus on their own business while leveraging our expertise in finding you the right location by working closely with developers and landlords. When you enlist our tenant representation services, we start with a strategic planning meeting, followed by a market survey, a comparison of available properties, tours of properties, preparation of offers and counter offers and then the ultimate lease negotiation. But your relationship with us does not end there. After the lease is signed, we maintain a connection with tenants to assist with lease renewals and other leasing matters.

Investment Sales

Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. offer an integrated services approach to investment grade asset representation. Land Asia provides a full offering of buy-side, sell-side and professional services. To meet the individual needs of our clients, we leverage our integrated business model to offer the following services:

Acquisition Services

As a fully integrated real estate services company, we not only provide our clients with financial engineering and capital formation services, access to our market research and due diligence services, but most importantly we provide access to many of the best investment opportunities available in the market.

Disposition Services

Land Asia can leverage its integrated services to assist property owners in maximizing the value of their assets upon disposition. We provide a certainty of execution that comes from the experience of being rooted in development and ownership.

Land Asia is your Advocate

Land Asia is your experienced advocate who will save your company tremendous time and money in the management of your transactions.

Asset/Property Management
Asset Management Services

Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. provide a complete asset management platform for its clients. Acting as the owner’s proxy, Land Asia approaches investment-grade asset management from a strategic point of view. As with any investment, the key to maximizing results is diversification and a solid understanding of the real estate cycle. The Land Asia ‘s team carefully guides the client through the allocation process by geography, asset class and type. A plan is devised based upon the unique requirements of the client, the dynamics of the overall market and the micro-economics of specific markets.

Uncovering Opportunities and Unlocking Potential

The Land Asia ‘s team acutely understands the market cycles and is qualified to advice on critical buy/sell decisions. Land Asia ‘s team prides itself with uncovering all opportunities to unlock potential and realize increases in asset value that would go unrecognized in many circumstances. Whether the challenge relates to leasing risk, achieving operational efficiencies, a capital improvement plan to enhance the asset or an overall asset repositioning strategy, Land Asia’s stands ready to meet the challenge.

Property Management Services

Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. Property Management Division are comprised of property managers, accounting and maintenance personnel who are committed to maximizing the value of the client’s assets. Land Asia property managers have relationships both in-house and in the marketplace with contractors, advisors and service providers. Team members use their expertise, knowledge, experience and insight for all product types — office, industrial, retail, land, multi-family and mixed-use space ­— to maximize property values.

Achieving Client’s Long Term Goals

Land Asia’s Property Management Division manages the physical and fiscal matters for the asset. The property manager is the point-of-contact for marketing and brokers, and is directly in control of the asset and its client contact. The property manager keeps the owner’s objective in mind at all times. With knowledge and experience as owners ourselves, Land Asia manages the properties as if they were its own. Land Asia drives the bottom line performance of the asset in accordance with the owner’s objectives.

Property Management Accounting

All financial requirements are handled by Land Asia Property Management Accounting Division, which provides extensive support to Property Managers. This group is responsible for all commercial and residential accounting aspects of the properties including general ledger financial statements, accounts receivables, payables, financial reporting, banking and transfers. Land Asia Property Management Accounting Division utilizes the global leader in the design, development and support of complete solutions for property and asset management.

Our goal is to continuously increase and enhance property values by conducting preemptive maintenance and building strong tenant and vendor relations. Land Asia strives to understand the clients’ mid- and long-range goals, ensuring these goals are recognized and that Land Asia’s management plans are in sync with the goals outlined.