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Real Estate Career Orientation for New Members in Siquijor Island

Land Asia Realty, one of the leading real estate companies in the Philippines, has recently welcomed a new member to their family in Siquijor Island. The event, held last September 9, 2023, was attended by an overwhelming number of Siquijodnons who were excited to witness the expansion of Land Asia’s reach in their beloved island.

Shiela Nica Ursabia, the Brand Marketing Manager of Land Asia Realty, led the event and warmly welcomed the attendees. The event was held in a small venue on Siquijor Island but it didn’t stop more than 70 people from attending and showing their support for Land Asia’s new venture.

The event started with a short introduction from Shiela Nica Ursabia, who shared her excitement about the company’s expansion into Siquijor Island. She also highlighted the benefits of investing in real estate in Siquijor, such as its beautiful beaches and growing tourism industry.

The Land Asia team also took the opportunity to showcase some of their properties in Siquijor Island, which garnered a lot of interest from the attendees.

The event was a huge success, with attendees expressing their appreciation for Land Asia’s efforts in expanding their reach to Siquijor Island. Many also expressed their interest in investing in real estate in the area, which is a testament to the growing potential of Siquijor Island as a prime investment destination.

The event was a great opportunity for Land Asia Realty to connect with the local community and showcase their commitment to providing quality real estate services in Siquijor Island. With their new member on board, Land Asia is poised to make a significant impact on the island’s growing real estate industry and contribute to its overall economic growth.