Picking the Right Neighborhood For You

When you’re considering buying a new home, never forget to scout the neighborhood first.
More often than not, the kind of environment you’ll buy into can make or break your
experience. Your home is an investment and you have to make sure you’ll enjoy it in the long
term. But how?

Here are five questions you need answers for to know if your dream home is in your dream
What do you want around you?
Look around the neighborhood you’re considering and see if any of the amenities you prefer to
be near are present. If you’re a foodie, you may prefer restaurants and cafés near your place. If
you’re artsy, perhaps bookshops and open spaces where you can get inspiration. If you have
pets and kids, you’d probably want to live near a park or a beach where you can spend quality
time with them. It’s different for everybody, so make sure you do some introspection to find
the right fit for you.
What don’t you have in your current community?
This may seem like an odd question to ask but it’s necessary. Knowing what you want to add in
your life is one of the reasons you considered getting a new home in the first place. Maybe you
don’t have grocery stores nearby and you want to be able to shop closer to home. Maybe you
need a gym available to you. Think of things you’ve been missing from where you currently live
and look out for those things.
How far are you willing to commute or drive?
Ask yourself how you plan to get around. If you drive, how far – and long – are you willing to
drive to and from your home? Is public transportation available for emergencies? Are there
traffic jams in the area? Consider how this transit time will affect your quality of life. This is one
of the most important things to consider. You wouldn’t want to start your days dreading the
traffic, would you?
Is it safe?
Perhaps the most important factor out of everything in this list is safety. Your home should be a
place where you, your family, and your belongings are secure. No one deserves to feel
threatened in their space. Ask around among the area’s homeowners and your potential
neighbors if there are risks you should know about.
Can you picture yourself there in the long term?
As we’ve discussed before, a home is an investment. If you can’t see yourself making use of and
enjoying your investment, it’s probably not the right place for you. There are a lot of options out there in the market and you’ll have to be patient until you come across the right fit. Believe
us, it exists.

Once you’ve got your answers to the questions above, you’ll be ready to hunt for your new
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