Land Asia Sales Kick Off and Real Estate Business Summit

Jan. 10, 2024, Waterfront Hotel Casino
By: Consultant Dr Ric Inting, PhD, CIPS,, ePRO, REC, REA, REB, EnP, ABR, SRS, GRI

I stand before you today with a fire in my heart and a vision that stretches beyond the horizon of possibilities. As we gather here for the Land Asia Realty Sales Kickoff, our theme resounds with a promise and a challenge – “Igniting Success in Real Estate.” Today, we embark on a journey that is not just about numbers; it’s about setting the industry ablaze with our collective achievements.

Our sales target for 2024 is not just a goal; it’s a beacon guiding us toward a future where success knows no bounds. Eight billion is not just a figure; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

Look around you; you are surrounded by a team of warriors, each armed with unique skills, talents, and a shared determination to reach new heights. We are not here to compete; we are here to redefine what’s possible. The real estate industry is our battlefield, and success is the prize we aim to claim.

To ignite success in real estate, we must first ignite the flames within ourselves. Believe in your abilities, trust in the power of collaboration, and visualize the moment when we surpass our target. Envision the impact we will make, the lives we will transform, and the legacy we will leave in the world of real estate.

Our theme, “Igniting Success in Real Estate,” encapsulates the spirit of innovation, resilience, and forward-thinking that defines Land Asia Realty. It’s a call to action, a declaration that we are the architects of our destiny, and together, we hold the torch that will illuminate our path to victory.

Yes, the road to 8 billion will have its challenges – the market dynamics, the competition, and the ever-evolving landscape. But remember, challenges are the stepping stones to success. They are the opportunities that will test our mettle, refine our strategies, and propel us to greatness.

As affiliate brokers and salespersons of Land Asia Realty, you are not just representatives; you are the driving force behind our success. Your dedication, your passion, and your hunger for achievement are the fuel that will propel us toward our 8 billion sales target.

Let this kickoff be more than just a ceremony; let it be the ignition point of a wildfire of success that sweeps through every transaction, every deal, and every relationship we build. As we set out on this exhilarating journey, let’s commit to supporting each other, celebrating victories, and learning from challenges.

Together, we are an unstoppable force. Together, we will not just meet expectations; we will exceed them. Let’s make 2024 the year we set the industry ablaze with our success – a year that will be remembered in the annals of real estate history.

Ignite the spark within you, embrace the challenges, and let’s make this journey toward 8 billion in sales a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of the Land Asia Realty team.

To a year of igniting success, unparalleled achievements, and the realization of our collective dreams.