“Land Asia, Cebu’s Pride!”

It seems like Christmas and New Year’s Eve was just yesterday, and the annual Sinulog festival was just right at our doorstep. For many Cebuanos, it is the social, cultural, and religious event of the year. Sinulog is dedicated to the child Jesus, Sto. Nino, and celebrates Cebuano culture and the arts. There are colorful parades, big productions with choreographed dances, and several parties. Organizations hold music competitions and concerts, as well. Overall, Sinulog is a celebration of Cebuano pride.

Among Cebu’s pride is Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation. It was founded back in 1992 by Cebu’s very own Ricardo N. Inting who remains to be the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Inting hails from Pardo, Cebu, making Land Asia a proud homegrown company that has seen exponential growth through the years. Land Asia is one of the region’s pioneers in full-service commercial, residential, and industrial real estate. Under Mr. Inting’s leadership and his vision, Land Asia continues to set the standard for real estate not just in the within the region, but nationwide as well.

Cebu is a sprawling urban setting with great potential, making it perfect clay in the hands of Land Asia’s real estate expert. Properties such as Le Menda Residences and Greenwoods reflect the excellence and careful planning the company undertakes to contribute to the city’s development goals and to nation-building.

Land Asia’s foremost goal is to remain a dominant force in the industry. With new and exciting projects for the year 2018, it is looking to grow even more.