Creative Storage Solutions for Your Home

Having limited space can be quite challenging, so here we have compiled
multifunctional and space-saving tips you can use when planning out your new home!
Most of these are readily available in local stores or can be delivered from online shops,
while others you can make yourself. Whether you’re the DIY type or prefer shopping for
that perfect item, you’ll find something that will fit your needs.


Slide-in Pantry Shelf
Shelving units have the tendency to be bulky and take up space instead of
making space, save for this one. They make these slim so they can fit
snugly into narrow spaces such as between the fridge and the counter. Best
of all, there are rollers attached to the bottom so they can easily slide in
and out! If you’re handy with the toolbox, this can be easily made with
some fiberboards or laminated wood. But online stores stock up on these
and you may be lucky enough to find them on discount stores as well!

Wire Baskets
Maximize your vertical space by attaching baskets and hangers to your
walls. Wire baskets not only make neat storage for utensils but can also
look chic in your kitchen if you play them right!

Ergonomic Containers
Instead of round containers in your kitchen, opt to use square or
rectangular jars and boxes. These fit in together better and won’t take up
negative space in your counter. Always choose stackable containers so you
can utilize your vertical space and make room for more important

Open Storage
Herein comes the area where your creative juices will come in handy.
There are a number of spaces you never thought could be used as storage.
One of them is the underside of that overhead shelf, where you can attach
lids of jars for spices. That way, they are readily available when you need
them and you won’t have to dig in your spice shelf.

Hidden Gems
These are the more common types of multifunctional furniture. Stools that
can double as storage for linens or other items are all around nowadays.
Low shelves can be turned into lounge seats by attaching seat foam and
adding throw pillows. The underside of your bed can double as storage for
clothes as well!

While you can always find more solutions for your unit, it is important to have enough
initial storage space. Remember that before buying your home, make sure you have
enough space for your life now and that you won’t have to make adjustments when you
initially move in. With Le Menda, you’ll have the space you need and enough room to
make future adjustments! We have 24-square- meter studio units, 45-square- meter one-
bedroom units, 70-square- meter two-bedroom units, and even 84-square- meter three-
bedroom units for you to choose from. Each unit come with ample storage space and
furniture to suit your needs. You’ll find the unit that is a perfect fit for you and your

With a little creativity and forward-thinking, you can make the most out of your square
footage! Start building your home with Le Menda today!