If you’re looking to buy a new home, congratulations are in order! The home is an integral part of adult life and it takes some serious discipline and wisdom to reach a point of financial stability to finally invest in one. And like any investments, the decision-making process won’t be as simple as we would have liked. Here are a few questions you should ask before picking your new home:

Does it have enough space?

A home must have space not only for you, but for your current and future possessions as well. How much stuff do you have? Is there enough closet space? Are you a foodie and need a bigger kitchen? Do you have kids who’d love a wide living room? Homes are divided into spaces and you should consider how and where you would spend your time while in it. For instance, individuals who work a lot and spend less time at home wouldn’t need a wide living area to lounge around and would prefer to have a comfortable bedroom they can rest well in.  For newlyweds who are starting a family in the near future, the number of bedrooms and the size of the living area will have to be considered. So you see, your home must fit your and your family’s needs first so you have enough space to work on what you want.

Would you want to expand in the near future?

Change is constant and the home must also reflect that. If you foresee a big change soon, consider whether the space is flexible and fluid, and whether expansion wouldn’t be too costly and unwise. That is, does the property management allow renovations and refurbishing? Would you have to install fixtures yourself? Are there restrictions as to what you can install in your unit? Being well-prepared for anything will help you sleep better.

What amenities are available to you?

Herein comes personal preference again. Convenience matters more often than we like to admit and you must make sure that you have everything you need (and want) nearby. Laundromat, convenience stores, a swimming pool, a gym, a clinic, spas and salons, places to eat – these are the most basic things everyone will need one way or another. It’s important not to neglect your quality of life in the midst of all the hustle of daily life.

Is the neighborhood location convenient for your daily routine?

Do you go to work? Do you go to school? Where? Is medical care accessible? Are leisure areas easily reached? Do you want to be near family or friends? Is the neighborhood safe? The location of your home is as important as your home itself. What good is a gorgeous place when you have to spend two hours stuck in traffic just to get to work or school? Is the neighborhood clean and safe? Is it quiet? Or perhaps you want a more dynamic environment? Neglecting to consider the neighborhood is one of the most common mistakes homebuyers commit; make sure you won’t!

Will I need to move in the next five years?

Planning the next five years may be overwhelming for some, but at the very least, if your life plans may take you somewhere else in the next five years, it’s a big factor when choosing a home. Not that you shouldn’t get one, just make sure that it is sustainable and will still serve a purpose if and when you do move. After all, it is an investment and shouldn’t stop being one years after.

There are a few more things to consider before sealing the deal, but those questions are necessary to get you started. Finding the perfect place will be a challenging journey, but we’re happy to help.

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