Smart Ways To Organize Your Urban Home

In the urban setting, every square footage you have is precious commodity. Making
use of every available space takes creativity and careful planning, so we’re here to help
you out!

Here are a few hacks to make sure no space goes to waste!

  • Use every nook and cranny
    Limited space usually means limited storage but, with a few smart
    decisions, you can make use of every corner in your unit. Install shelves
    above the counter in the kitchen, add a mini breakfast bar by the
    window, DIY a convertible work table in the living room. Vertical space
    matters as much as your actual floor space so get those creative juices
  • Keep shelves open
    Closed cupboards visually create clutter in areas and choosing open
    shelving can draw the eyes upward and open the space up. The visual
    continuity of the space makes it airier. This also enables you to use the
    storage as display to showcase your inner Martha Stewart. If you prefer
    closed cupboards, semi-opaque cupboard doors can be a good
  • Use alternative room divisions
    Skip the walls and bulky furniture. Visually dividing spaces will only
    make your space look smaller and limited. Instead, choose slender
    furniture that won’t take up space and can multifunction. For example,
    you can place a slender-legged long table between the kitchen and the
    living room to function as a kitchen island and double as a work-table.
    Another trick is to use curtains if privacy is a concern.
  • Scale your furniture and appliances
    Know the measurements of your unit and buy the appropriately-sized
    furniture to fit into it! Make sure your dream sofa isn’t too big and fluffy
    for your actual living room. It can be underwhelming but overall, being
    able to move in your home freely is more comfortable in the long run.
    Another factor to consider is the appliances you will need to bring into
    your home for everyday use. Make sure these are appropriately sized for
    your needs and the available space as well.
  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall
    Mirrors create the effect of wider space the same way light, neutral
    colors do. It can look chic as décor, too! Place large mirrors in strategic
    places such as the corners of the bedroom and the living room. This will give the illusion that the space goes on far longer than it actually does by giving the eyes more places to wander.

Every home can be organized and chic no matter how small or limited the space is.
With just a few tricks, you can make it happen! Make sure you choose a unit you can
work with.

In Le Menda, choosing the condo that is a good fit for you is a breeze! Each tastefully-appointed unit comes with its very own home-theatre system with 40” smart TV, split AC unit, wardrobe, dresser, bed, bedside table, a 6 cu.ft. refrigerator, and a dining set. You won’t have to worry about buying furniture and appliances to fit your home because everything has been hand-picked and installed for you!

How’s that forforward-thinking? You’ll be saved from the stress of going back and forth the unit and the store to make sure each item fits, and you’d have more time to beautify your home.

That’s a huge chunk of planning already taken cared of, brought to you by Le Menda!


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