“Patience Is A Virtue”

How many times have we ever heard this or uttered it ourselves? But does anyone ever think about patience anymore? Take a look around you and you’ll see how the virtue of patience has been taken for granted. Or been forgotten. Everything is moving at such a fast pace that most people have forgotten the concept of waiting. We always want to move on to the next thing. Media and technology has to constantly feed us with something new. Or someone new. We can have the world right at our fingertips with one click. We have instant noodles, instant coffee, instant everything. The fast-paced world has turned us into lazy and spoiled brats. And it is disheartening because in the real world, nothing comes easy or in a hurry. When the real word needs you to be patient, it may be too hard for us. Reality requires waiting. Patience remains an essential instrument in life.

Life brings us generous doses of pains, frustrations, and circumstances that will compel us to wait. We are but works of progress being constructed to the person we are meant to become. We are being built for great things in life that entail years of hard work and waiting. Being patient is not an easy task. And one does not become patient in one click. Life will provide us with opportunities to practice patience and most of the time, we are forced to wait. We will go through a series of struggles, smudges, and changes just like a chrysalis hiding within its cocoon. It will take time but the thing is, a beautiful reconstruction will take place. A caterpillar trudges hard before it can turn into the glorious and graceful creature it is.

Your life may be down the drains now or you may feel like your dreams are now lost and shattered but remember that every difficult and painful season has its end. It has a death and with it comes transformation. A new life. So allow yourself to grieve and wait. Be mad but wait. Be productive but wait. Give your dreams time to materialize. Give yourself time to emerge. You are headed for something amazing. Remember that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Learn the value of waiting. You will see how priceless it is. So the next time you want to check something, why not try the old traditional way? Or when you want to eat something, why not cook instead of going to a fastfood joint? Take your time. Wait and savor the gorgeous moments that life is offering you. And yes, patience is still a virtue.