Your Responsive, Reliable Realtor

A very competent and experienced realtor in the Philippines can help you narrow down your criteria for commercial or residential property with ease and provide you the beneficial advice as to which properties offer best values to you as a real estate buyer.

Discuss your needs with your realtor in detail. Specific and consistent information can help your realtor do their job for you right.

Write down everything you absolutely need in a real estate property, everything you absolutely want them to aviod, and which features or amenities you can compromise. If you are searching a property to buy with your spouse or business partner, it’s important that you do this real estate wish-list both individually and together.

Here are some things to think about when creating your wish-list for your realtor:
• Square footage & room allocation
• Price range
• Location and distance
• Neighborhood
• Amenities
• Available Parking
• Condition of property

Once you’ve finalized your real estate wish list, give it to your realtor with the guarantee that you’ll keep to it! This would help your realtor do a successful search of real estate listings in the Philippines that meet your criteria.

Though it’s all right your wish list change in the process of your realtor’s search since your needs change. It’s wise to reevaluate when in your search for the ideal real estate property in the Philippines, you may have veered too far away from your bottom-line budget or specific needs.

Over the years, Land Asia Realty and Development Corp. has grown from one real estate agent to more than 500 licensed professionals and talented staff  who are driven to build successful relationships with developers, landlords and land owners in the Philippines.