Your Patch of Green for Condominium Living

Condominium living can be convenient and at the same time be restricting. In a building where there are 10 or more tenants per floor, space will truly be an issue. Even if you live alone, a one bedroom condominium is still considered a tight space. Don’t you wish you had a sprawling garden to make you feel like you’re in a relaxing countryside?

No matter how small your condo is, a green space is still suggested to help recover from stress and fatigue. While you can’t plant grass inside your living room, there are ways to bring nature in. Here are a few indoor plants you can put in your concrete living space.

Gerbera Daisies

They can really brighten up any room with their bright yellow, orange, and red. They would survive as a potted house plant.


Aloe Vera

These are so low-maintenance that you only have to water them every three weeks. Probably a little bit more when it’s really hot but less during the colder season. Not only that, you can pluck a few of its leaves and use it for skin problems, hair thickening, and so many other health reasons!

Aloe Vera



Though these exotic beauties are very sensitive in terms of caring for them, an orchid will instantly make your space extra classy. You just have to make sure that you know exactly what kind of orchid you have so that you know how to take care of it. Sadly, most of them just bloom once a year. But you bet it will be the most beautiful thing in the room!



Snake Plant

This amazing plant is a natural air purifier. While some plants get oxygen at night, this one gives it off like lottery money. Usually people put it inside their bedroom. You get your green space, a good night’s sleep and clean air.

snake plant


These are just a few of so many others you can actually place inside your condominium so that you don’t feel deprived of nature. You don’t have to move up the country to see green.


Trees and Plants always look like the people they live with somehow.  — Zora Hurston