New Year, Old Beliefs

Is moving to a new house one of your New Year’s resolution?  I know you have a made a checklist of all the possible things you will be needing to make sure your move will be smooth sailing. The number of the moving van company, the number of boxes you’ll be needing, how many rolls of packing tape and just for kicks, why not include a list of superstitious beliefs?

Filipinos are big on superstition. We have one for each instance in our lives to go through each stage successfully. From birth to our last breath. Whether you believe in them or not, it’s still fun to know some of them.

Here is a list of superstitious beliefs for moving in to a new house:

  1. Choose the date wisely as well as the day. Never choose Friday, Saturday or a rainy day. (Of course don’t move on a rainy day unless you want your boxes and your spirits soaked.)
  2. Scatter coins around the living room as you move in. This will bring wealth and fortune for the home owner for the next couple of months. (I would rather just pick them up and save them.)
  3. Sprinkle salt in different areas of the house. It will ward off bad vibes, spirits or negative energy. (Just don’t move in with someone you don’t like. Then you’ll have positive energy and good vibes forever!)
  4. When you’re having stairs made, rely on counting of steps using the chant “Oro, plata, mata” (Gold, silver, death). The topmost step should not end with ‘mata’, as it can mean a bad luck to people who will use the stairs. However, “oro” and “plata” are considered as a good luck. (Ok, this is creepy and may just consider it.)
  5. Black ants on the wall? No problem! They are considered lucky. (Unless they start crawling all over you…)
  6. Knives are not welcome! If  a friend gives you a set of knives as a housewarming gift, don’t accept it. It is said that the friendship will be cut short once you receive them. (If we use them to cut cheese to go with our wine, will that be ok though?)
  7. Old coins on new doorstep. When your new doorstep is just drying out from the fresh concrete, bury an old coin face up on it. It will attract wealth and success to anyone who lives there. (I will keep and sell those old coins, thank you.)
  8. Bloody move, chap! Seriously, would you kill a helpless animal (chicken, pig or goat) and spread the blood on your floor to ward off evil spirits?! (I think that’s the evil right there!)

So there you go, a little bit of Filipino fun and crazy to think about. For me, as long as no one is harmed when you do it, it could be worth a try.

Have fun moving!