The Essentials of Urban Gardening

Greenify your urban space no matter how small with a container garden for your apartment or condo in the Philippines. Know the essentials of urban gardening.

 Growing plants in pots and containers and living in small apartments’ limited space would compell anyone to get creative, as not all plants grow well in containers. Most plants can be grown in a pot; however, not all plants will come to full maturity and size in a pot.

Urban gardening with small pots and containers inhibit to some extent a plant’s potential growth, as roots and root hairs can only grown far as the walls of the pot allow. This presents the biggest challenge of growing a garden in small spaces, such as apartments and condominiums in the Philippines. With the right information, anyone can increase their chances of a beautiful and thriving urban garden.

First is to consider the soil. Healthy soil gives birth to a healthy garden, but when you’re gardening with pots and containers you use soil medium or potting mix. Lighter than typical garden soil and prepared especially for container gardens. Container gardens risk of running out of all of those healthy minerals and living organisms that naturally occur in soil.

Second to consider is the environment of your urban space and how it affects your growing garden. There are many variables to consider to know which plants would grow best in your urban space, variables such as sun exposure, water sources, and temperature—all of these and more will affect the success of any planting you do. For example, tomato plants need big pots, and lots of sun exposure to grow healthy and produce crop. If you don’t have the space, as well as the abundant sunlight needed by tomato plants, then don’t consider them for your urban garden.

Even if you do the studies beforehand and make plans, nothing really beats learning from experiences and experiments.

And thirdly, one is to consider your garden schedule and maintenance. The ultimate goal here is for your garden to be healthy and sustainable without being too much work for you. The best kind of urban garden: one that isn’t too high-maintenance and can fend for itself when need be.

A healthy, thriving urban garden requires preparation and strategy. Choose and make the most of what you grow by considering its uses beyond just its aesthetic value but also plants that can be used in the kitchen.

For example, other than bringing vibrant color to your apartment, lavender brings a lovely scent as well as subtle flavor as a cooking herb for poultry.  Some plants can be grown for its edible leaves, some for edible seeds.

Make the most of your urban space and see what happens with your garden. Just do your best and let Nature do the rest for your urban garden in the Philippines.

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